Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH flying with Riegl Scanner

The world‘s first UAS based LiDAR sensor enabling laser scanning in professional surveying quality for an emerging market

The innovative link between airborne, mobile and terrestrial Scanning

After our Flying-Cam R&D Team met the RIEGL Engineers in 2012 it became obvious that the SARAH system was the next step in LASER Scanning Aerial Survey with the now available ultra high performing VUX-1 LIDAR sensor. The RIEGL Expert Team immediately started to talk to the Flying-cam R&D Team and the VUX–1 was developed in accordance to the SARAH Specs.

The first Professional turnkey UAS LIDAR Flying-Scanner is born.
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Flying-Cam, Close Range Aerial Filming, RIEGL
Flying-Cam, Close Range Aerial Filming, RIEGL