Official FAA Approval for Flying-cam 3.0 SARAH

Los Angeles, 15th October 2014: Flying-Cam is in the first group of Companies to receive an exemption from FAA to deploy it’s proprietary SARAH Unmanned Aerial Technology in USA.

The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) was a key helper in the procedure that resulted in the examption.

As the FAA stand it:
The UAS proposed by the petitioner is a proprietary design, conceived constructed by Flying-Cam, referred to as the Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH, and has one rotor and two motor in a conventional helicopter configuration.

Regarding the petitioner’s requested relief from 14 CRF part 21, Certification procedures for the products and parts, the FAA finds that, based in the limited size, weight, operations and limitations, the petitioner has demonstrated that its operations would not adversaly affect safety compared to similar operations conducted with aircraft that have been issued an airworthiness certificate under 14 CRF part 21, subpart H. In accordance with the statutory criteria provided in Section 333 of PL 112-95 in reference to 49 USC 44704, and in consideration of the size, weight, speed and limited operating area associated with the aircraft and its operation, the Secretary of Transportation has determine that this aircraft meets the conditions of the Section 333.

Flying-Cam is also the first and still the sole foreign Comnpany in USA to obtain this Exemption.

About Flying-Cam

Flying-Cam provides its customers with a complete cutting-edge solution, while mastering in-house all the technologies and skills involved: helicopter platform, guidance, navigation and control system (autopilot), gyrohead and camera/sensor integration, human machine interface with tailor made mission-based applications, training, maintenance, field operations.

Flying-Cam unmanned systems are sold to those who are in need of aerial intelligence and are looking for a professional and portable solution, around the globe. It spans five markets – Industry, Military, Academy, Government and Entertainment.

Founded in 1988, the company is recognised as the worldwide market leader in close range aerial filming services for motion pictures and television. Among their clients: James Bond, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, etc.
Flying-Cam is two times Academy Award (Oscar) winner in Hollywood: in 1995, a Technical Achievement Award for the pioneering concept of developing an unmanned flying camera for the motion pictures industry and, lately in 2014, a Scientific & Engineering Award for the new Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH unmanned aerial system.
The company is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit
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Flying-Cam, Close Range Aerial Filming
Flying-Cam, Close Range Aerial Filming