Beijing Film Makers Guide (China)
February, 2009

Equipment Leasing
Flying-Cam Close Range Aerial Filming

Since the participation in the Curse of Golden Flower and Red Cliff with Directors Zhang Yimou and John Woo, the Flying-Cam II system is actively involved in the Chinese Visual Effects industry. Among the latest projects are True Hero, Tiananmen and Touch of the Panda.

With movie credits like Hancock, James Bond 007, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, and Academy Award Winner in Hollywood, Flying-Cam is the world leader in Close Range Aerial Filming.

In response to the global needs of Motion Pictures and Broadcast Television Production, the Flying-Cam Research & Development Center in Belgium is at the State of the Art Unmanned Helicopter Technologies.

The Flying-Cam Company provides worldwide services. Flying from Europe, Hollywood and Hong-Kong, a 4th team will be soon in operation in the Middle East.

The Unmanned Flying-Cam II helicopters, which weigh 15kg and carry a remote controlled 35mm or HD cinema with a top air speed of 120km/h, enable the directors to shoot freely from virtually any position, including close-ups and sweeping aerial views from sea level to birds eye view at 4000 meter high.

The Flying-Cam II system is operated with 3 professional crews : a Pilot, a Camera Operator and a Camera Assistant.