October, 2014

October 2014, AUVSI recognize Flying-Cam Exemption

Flying-Cam Commercial UAS Exemption Approved

by Scott Kesselman

Today the FAA posted an exemption grant for Flying-Cam Inc. to use unmanned aerial systems in the United States on closed sets.

Flying-Cam was one of seven aerial video and photography companies who filed nearly identical Section 333 exemption petitions on 28 May this year but was the last to receive approval.

The company was seeking an exemption to use its own proprietary remote controlled helicopter called the Flying-Cam 3.0 Sarah, a distinction from the other companies seeking exemption.

Exemption restrictions include those previously mentioned as well as the pilot in command to have 200 flight cycles and 25 hours of UAS rotorcraft experience and 5 hours with the aircraft to be used. The grant also limits each UAS flight to 30 minutes or to 25 percent battery power, whichever comes first.

The other six companies received approval late last month and since the announcement, petitions for Section 333 exemptions have nearly doubled in a matter of weeks.