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Visual Art

Founded in 1988 in Belgium, the Flying-Cam company brought to the entertainment industry the new concept of “Close Range Aerial Filming”.

Nine years earlier, in 1979, Emmanuel Prévinaire, started the development of the first unmanned free-flying Close Range Aerial Camera for motion picture photography. It was his thesis as a student in the Directors Film School in Belgium (IAD). He was 16 years old, when he directed his first short film behind a Bolex camera.

With theory and practical experience he gained in both fields of aeronautics and film making, he succeeded in the challenging tasks of integrating a camera and a remote helicopter in a one small yet capable machine.

Then in 1995, in recognition for his pioneering work, he won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences.


When Emmanuel was competing with remote controlled helicopters (1975-1979), he considered his model as a living object.
Just before he started his film studies he learned the essence of aviation, his second passion, gaining a commercial pilot license with IFR qualification for fixed wing aircraft in 1979. This passion for aeronautics started with his father who introduced him to remote control aircraft.

At 16 years old he became the RC glider (F3B FAI) Belgium Junior Champion. In 1979 still as a student, he finished sixth in the Senior International RC Helicopter Championship (F3C FAI) in Lausanne (La Blecherette, Switzerland).