Flying-Cam to help Framing the Future of Aviation

Riga, March 5th 2015 – Emmanuel Previnaire, CEO of Flying-Cam was invited to address the European Commission regarding rule making with Drones general activities. As a prelude to this conference, the SARAH System was demonstrated in front of Ms Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport.

Supported by 26 years of experience with Civil Commercial Work with Drones, and two Academy Award, Mr. Previnaire insisted on having Specific Rules, adapted to the Aerial Work to be performed, much like in General Aviation. For the drones consumer industry, embedded limitation should act as Safety rules.

Flying-Cam is strongly in favour of a joint European action plan and has brought a precious contribution to the understanding of the business aspect of commercial operation in Riga. The European Mobility Commission has the necessary tools to write detailed and efficient directives. As Emmanuel Prévinaire highlighted: “Now every entity (EASA, Euro Control...) connected to air regulation has understood the trend and benefit of RPAS. It is decisive to have all of them agree on one unique approach.”

EU officials set sights on new drone directive:
Link to Demo video
Link to the Riga Declaration

About Flying-Cam

Flying-Cam is the World Leader in providing 25 Kg sUAS VTOL system for the Civil Industry since 1988. The Company has received two Oscars in Hollywood from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: the Technical Achievement for invention of the Flying-Cam Technology in 1995 and the Scientific & Engineering Award for the Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH in 2014. Credits in Motion Picture Industry includes: Harry Potter, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Transformers etc.

The Company is now expanding its expertise in 5 markets: Industry, Military, Academy, Government and Entertainment. The Experience acquired in the past 25 years and the vertical competence of the Flying-Cam Engineering Team are the best assets for developing and selling breakthrough product and services. Today, Flying-Cam is among those few companies that master all the Intellectual Property involved, from Auto-Pilot to Platform, from Ground Control Station to Graphic User Interface, from Field Operation Service to Turn-Key System Sales Solution.

Flying-Cam operates worldwide with R&D headquarter in Liege, Belgium (Europe) and sales office in Santa Monica for Americas and Hong Kong for Asia Pacific clients base.

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Flying-Cam, Close Range Aerial Filming
Flying-Cam, Close Range Aerial Filming